My research agenda spans wartime violence, political order and peacebuilding. In my first book, I showed how the introduction of democratic reforms shaped the behavior of armed groups and civilians to explain how political cleansing became a feature of the Colombian civil war. Now I study the effects of that violence by focusing on civilian resettlement, peace-building and state-building.


Journal Articles

Under review & In progress

  • 2022. "Permanent membership: The prohibition of citizenship renunciation," with Imke Harbers. Revise & resubmit.

  • 2022. "Rebel governance and political participation," with Michael Weintraub.

  • 2022. "Wartime migration and trust in neighbors and the state in rural Colombia," with Alejandra Ortiz Ayala and Sebastián Pantoja-Barrios.

  • 2022. "Government Responses to Internal Displacement (GRID): A new dataset," with Adam Lichtenheld.

  • 2022. "Local state capacity: New relational indicators from Colombia's periphery," with Sebastián Pantoja Barríos, Juan F. Vargas and Jacob N. Shapiro.

  • 2022. "Social control," with Corinna Jentzsch.

  • 2021. "Transitional justice institutions and victims' political engagement," with Michael Weintraub.

  • 2019. "Varieties of state weakness: Evidence from Colombia," with Juan F. Vargas and Jacob Shapiro.

  • 2017. “Illicit Behavior and the Foundations of State-building in Colombia,” with Rafael Ch, Jacob N. Shapiro, and Juan F. Vargas. Working paper.

Policy Briefs

Book Chapters

  • 2006. “Insecurity and Opportunity in Colombia: Linking Civil War and Human Trafficking,” in Karen Beeks and Delila Amir, Eds., Trafficking & the Global Sex Industry. New York: Rowman & Littlefield, Inc. pp 77-93.

Book Reviews

  • 2020. Review of The Commander's Dilemma: Violence and Restraint in Civil Wars (Cornell), by Amelia Hoover Green. International Affairs.

  • 2020. “Borderlands.” Review of Borderland Battles: Violence, Crime and Governance at the Edges of Colombia’s War (Oxford) by Annette Idler. Perspectives on Politics.

  • 2019. “The Strength of the Weapons of the Weak.” Review of Resisting War: How Communities Protect Themselves (Cambridge) by Oliver Kaplan. International Studies Review.

  • 2010. Comparative Political Studies. Review of John A. Booth and Mitchell Seligson. 2009. The Legitimacy Puzzle in Latin America: Political Support and Democracy in Eight Nations. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.